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UK ITF Training Day 2023
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The UK ITF Training Day was a great success, bringing together over 100 eager Taekwon-Do students for a morning of training and camaraderie. The packed event was a testament to the shared enthusiasm for Taekwon-Do across all ages, grades, and abilities.

The day kicked off with a Masters training session, where 11 esteemed UK ITF Masters came together to refine their technique, practice patterns, and strike pads, under the guidance of ITF Vice President GM Nicholls. It was truly inspiring to witness our Masters in action, setting a remarkable example for the aspiring instructors and students in our organisation.

After a brief intermission, the Masters were joined by club instructors from across the UK for a training segment led by Master Horan. This session delved into junior Tuls, focusing on the understanding and application of technique. Master Horan further challenged the group to apply these movements in 1-step and 2-step sparring scenarios, offering a wealth of valuable training insights to bring back to their respective clubs.

The training was then opened to all studentís blue belt and above. Following a short introduction by Grand Master Nicholls, the first workshop kicked off, concentrating on side piercing kick. The session highlighted the importance of fully chambering the knee before completing the kick, ensuring a full execution and sharp recovery. This was followed by a side pushing kick and back piercing kick workshop, led by Master Cornwell, Master Owen, and UK ITF Technical chair Mr Brunger.

The energy remained high as we moved on to sparring drills, guided by UK ITF coaches Mr Nicholls, Mr McAvoy, and current world champion Mr Callahan. The group explored effective strategies to intercept opponents'''' attacks and deliver effective counter-attacks. This was followed by a focus on punching and creating angles to unbalance you opponent and create openings.

Despite tiredness setting in, everyone was eager to continue training. Master Buxton conducted a pad work session to end the day. The focus was on using the lead leg side kick to set up a variety of follow-up techniques, providing students with a wealth of new skills and drills to take back to their clubs.

Master Nicholls concluded the day with words of gratitude, expressing joy at seeing so many individuals gathered under one roof and embracing the spirit of Taekwon-Do. On behalf of the executive committee, we extend our sincere thanks to the Masters, instructors, and students who attended. Your participation ensured the annual event was, once again, a tremendous success. - Please find attached the link to all the photographs taken during the UK ITF National Training Day and Awards Evening 2023. These were taken by an independent photographer external to UK ITF and hope she managed to capture the event in its entirety. These photographs can be used freely for publication on your club websites and social media.

Written by: UK ITF Admin - 6th December 2023

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