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Generation X is our New syllabus which is unique to UK ITF.

Taekwon-Do Institute. It is an elite training system within UK ITF for children aged between 4 - 7 years. Which aims to lay a foundation of Taekwon-Do for many years of training. For younger children please see our "Tiny Kicker" Program.


The UK ITF syllabus is very complex, with 24 patterns up to and including 7th Degree Black Belt. So Generation X section has been introduced to help motivate and encourage the younger generation to continue training in Taekwon-Do.

Generation X is meant to be fun, 45 minutes of solid training for a 4 -7 year old isn't. So here at UK ITF we have broken up them 45 minute lessons with a few Skills & Drills consisting of Co-ordination exercises, Balance & Awareness Games & of course Kicking and Punching drills.

Also the grading system has altered from that of an adult or older children's classes. We have introduced 6 themes Indomitable Spirit, Attitude, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control. Purple belts are worn in-conjunction with their achievement badges to signify the students technical attainment. 

This will allow your child to recognize the different grades, and we find it helps to motivate the children as belt promotion is on an achievement grading assessment. Your child will need all six achievements before they can take there first TaeKwon-Do grading. To achieve all six awards normally takes a year - year and a half.

Once your child has reached this level they are then able to train with Taekwon-Do specific classes.

Training in a martial art is not just about kicking and punching—it is a system to encourage individuals to become a valued member of their society, this is as relevant for children as for adults and builds on what you have been teaching them at home, and what they are learning in school.

In our opinion no other UK based organisation can match the value we provide making our Taekwon-Do classes accessible to all.

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